Help for Day Laborers

Catholic Charities helps day laborer men and women earn a living, contribute to society and become part of their communities. in partnership with the Day Laborers we provide educational workshops, leadership training, and opportunities for economic empowerment. Some programs teach OSHA approved on the job safety classes and skills classes in knitting, sewing and other occupations. Services may also include English as a Second Language, G.E.D. and Literacy classes, immigration legal assistance, recovery of lost wages and emergency help with social services.

Day Laborers are hard working men and women who find informal, temporary work by waiting on street corners, parking lots, outside home improvement stores or inside worker centers. Informal agreements, ranging from a few hours to weeks are established between workers and employers for a variety of work including construction, landscaping, car washing and moving jobs.

While protected by most labor laws, they are vulnerable to unfair labor practices and often subjected to workplace violations such as wages below minimum wage or non-payment of wages, long hours, no overtime pay, illegal deductions from wages, lack of meal breaks, exposure to health and safety violations, lack of protective equipment, no worker’s compensation, discrimination, harassment, and threats to report workers to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). 

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