Message from Cardinal Dolan: World Day of the Poor

11/16/2017  |  Centennial News  |  Share

My Dear People of the Archdiocese:

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Caridades Católicas: 100 años ayudando a niños que tienen que ser reubicados en hogares de crianza - Univision

07/10/2017  |  Centennial News  |  Share

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- Conoce la ayuda migratoria que brinda Caridades Católicas.

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N.Y. Archdiocese sets five-year, $100 million goal for Catholic Charities - Crux

02/06/2017  |  Centennial News  |  Share

NEW YORK - The Archdiocese of New York opened a campaign to raise $100 million by 2022 for services and opportunities for children and families, especially the poorest and most vulnerable.

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As Catholic Charities Opens Centennial Year, Cardinal Announces $100 Million Campaign - Catholic New York

02/01/2017  |  Centennial News  |  Share

Cardinal Dolan has announced a campaign to raise $100 million private philanthropic dollars during the next five years to provide help and create hope for children and families of New York, especially the poorest and most vulnerable, Catholic and non-Catholic alike.

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Cardinal Timothy Dolan Will Raise $100M to Fund Human Services for New Yorkers in Need - NBC4

01/30/2017  |  Centennial News  |  Share

Cardinal Timothy Dolan announced a $100 million fundraising campaign for New York City's human services Sunday as he marked the 100th anniversary of Catholic Charities of New York.

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Catholic Charities launches $100M campaign to fund projects like affordable housing and helping immigrants - NY Daily News

01/29/2017  |  Centennial News  |  Share

Catholic Charities marked its 100th anniversary Sunday and launched a fund-raising campaign to raise $100 million over the next five years to support its charitable work.

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Will Cardinal Timothy Dolan be able to fight Donald Trump’s executive orders on refugees? - AMNY

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As hundreds prepared to gather at Battery Park to protest President Donald Trump’s executive orders severely limiting refugees on Sunday — a day after more than a thousand besieged JFK’s Terminal 4 to do the same — New York’s political, business and religious elite also huddled as one. How did they stand?

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Refugees already settled in U.S. concerned over Trump order - PBS

01/29/2017  |  Centennial News  |  Share

The U.S. admitted 12,500 Syrian refugees in 2016, but President Donald Trump’s executive order Friday indefinitely bans any more from entering the U.S.

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Happy Birthday, Catholic Charities! - Catholic New York

01/19/2017  |  Centennial News  |  Share


Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan

Historians tells us that 1917 was the year that the United States “came of age,” as, with its entrance into World War I, our nation realized its global duties.

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