Niño inmigrante de 4 años es reunificado con su padre

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Vestido con una camiseta azul decorada con los Monster Trucks, sus ojos café redondos y confiados, William, de 4 años, le da a su padre el sándwich de queso que se está comiendo en un comedor de la agencia Caridades Católicas del Bronx para que le quite los bordes del pan tal como a él le gusta. Al rato, cuando el sándwich ya va por la mitad,...

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Reuniting Separated Immigrant Families: Catholic Charities in the News

07/13/2018  |  News Articles  |  Share

City Council members were told Thursday that 350 migrant children taken from their parents at the border were sent to the New York area, but that only 12 have been reunited with their families, all of them under the age of 5.

"Clarity is missing, process is missing and transparency is missing," said Mario Russell, Director of Catholic...

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Catholic Charities Statement on Reuniting Separated Children with their Parents

07/09/2018  |  Public Statements  |  Share

The court-established deadline for reuniting children separated from their parents by recent federal policy decisions has arrived. While it is positive that parents and children will be reunited, Catholic Charities is concerned these reunifications be done in a way that serves the best interests of the children and their parents.  Their...

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