Supporting the Physically & Emotionally Challenged

United Way & CCCS Orange County - Community Mission 2017 Fighting Heroin and Opiate Addiction in Sullivan County

Join in the fight against heroin and opiate addiction by attending a free Neighborhood Educational Forum at the Emerald Green Clubhouse, Rock Hill, on January 8 at 11 am.

Our CCCS Orange and Sullivan Director of Adolescent Prevention Services, Martin Colavito, will be on the panel.


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Shocking Stats to Bolster Your New Year’s Resolution

Simple as 1, 2, 3

Uh oh… Day 3 into our New Year’s resolutions and we’re already backsliding.

Lucky for you if your resolution was to join with us in making New York a better...

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Raising Five Sons Alone, Three With Autism, Takes a Toll on a Mother’s Body

The Story Behind The Story of This New York Times Neediest Case

For more than a century The New York Times has spotlighted “Neediest Cases,” folks facing...

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Blinded as an Adult, Man Regains Independence

The Story Behind this New York Times Neediest Cases Story

Leroy Bracey at St. Anthony's Shelter for Renewal


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How to Safely Navigate a Self-Service Cafeteria Without Vision

Hint: That’s Why We’re Honoring Three Special Cashiers

How does someone blind trying to navigate self-service cafeteria find out what to eat, where to walk so they don't...

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New York Times Neediest Cases: Stories Behind the Stories

David Nublett & the Car Crash That Changed His Life

David Nublett

For more than a...

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Family Volunteer Day

Family Volunteer Day is a day of service that demonstrates and celebrates the power of families who volunteer together, supporting their neighborhoods, communities and the...

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How to Protect Your Vision

Inside Scoop from Those with Vision Impairments

No better time than today, "Blind Americans Equality Day" and this month, "World Blindness Awareness Month," to learn how to...

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