Supporting the Physically & Emotionally Challenged

Don't Miss Your Opportunity for a Free Air Conditioner

Your Household May Qualify for a Free Air Conditioner Under this State Program

air conditioner

By Sophia Theriault

New York State is providing financial assistance in the form of free...

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How Best to Treat Mental Illness

Offering Support, Not Shame

By Alice Kenny

Nearly twice as many Americans – 1 in 5 - struggle with mental illness than...

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Meet Katie, Makayla and the Fernandez Families

See This Snapshot of Those Helped by Catholic Charities

Mere stairs, as forbidding as a concrete wall, blocked Katie from ever visiting her daughter, Makayla at school.  Trapped in a wheelchair ever...

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Upstate Children Receive Their First Pair of New Pajamas

Upstate Children Receive Their First Pair of New Pajamas

Shout Out to Special Partnership & Children We Serve

Imagine a child so poor he never wore his own pair of new pajamas? Yet...

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‘What Happens When They’re 21?’ Cardinal Visits Catholic Charities Pediatric Center

Children at Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center Catholic Charities New York

by John-Mark de Palma

Timothy Cardinal Dolan joined Catholic Charities’ Executive Director,...

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“Aging Out” Yet Still Disabled

Cardinal Dolan Seeks Solutions at Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center

His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan, along with Monsignor Kevin Sullivan, Executive Director of Catholic Charities of the...

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Blind Immigrants, Frightened and Trying to Navigate NYC

Catholic Charities Intervenes

Finding your way in a strange New York City neighborhood can be frightening.  Finding your way in a strange neighborhood while not knowing English can be...

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Blind Government Concession Stand Owners Face Bankruptcy after Government Shutdown

Catholic Guild for the Blind Partners with Readers Digest to Bail Them Out

Kamal, who is completely blind, empties shelves filled with potato chips, sodas, breakfast snacks and more,...

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From Paralysis to Motherhood, She Never Gave Up

Read Katie Morillo’s Profile Here & in The New York Times

Makayla, 11, holds tight to the motorized wheelchair of her mom, Katie Morillo, 34, as they maneuver their 15-minute ride...

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