Strengthening Families & Resolving Crises

Inside “SOMOS,” a NY Gathering to Empower the Hispanic Community

“Focused on the Advancement of Our People”: Larissa Story Shares Her Perspective

Larissa Story, 3rd from left, with fellow CCNY staff


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Bigs and Littles NYC Mentoring Intervene to Help Bullied Siblings

“They’re There for Me”

Bullied by classmates, Lillian, 11, pretended she was sick to avoid school; her grades plummeting from 4’s to 2’s.

A gifted dancer, Lillian had studied...

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She Never Gave Up, from Paralysis to Motherhood

Katie Morillo used to be a rushing New York commuter. She knows all too well that people are trying to get where they’re going as quickly as possible. Now she’s on the other side of the equation. A car accident left her paralyzed from the waist down. When her electric wheelchair broke, Catholic...

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Check Out This New Link to Services New Yorkers Need

Thanks to New Catholic Charities Community Services Website

As 2018 races to a close, it’s time to look back at all we accomplished together and forward at all we...

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Meet East Harlem Families; See Their Lives Transformed

Just-Released Video Celebrates Sixty Years of Service

East Harlem, home for the unwanted distinction of the highest child...

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Perfect Merger: Catholic Charities Consolidates to Expand Upstate Services

Adds Opioid Response & More to Ulster County Roster

The new name is a mouthful, Catholic Charities of Orange, Sullivan and Ulster. Huge, also, are the expanded roster of services the freshly merged...

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First-Hand Look into How Separated Immigrant Children Are Faring in NY

“No Apparent Plan for Reunification”

After President Trump’s announcement this week that his administration will stop separating immigrant children from their families and news trickles out about...

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How We're Helping Separated Immigrant Children in New York

Plus - What You Can Do


Msgr. Kevin Sullivan and fellow representatives from Catholic Charities NY joined and an interfaith delegation of 38 fellow religious leaders representing the Jewish, Catholic, Protestant and Muslim traditions at the...

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First Kate Spade. Now Anthony Bourdain

Making Sense – and Coping – with Recent Suicides

With sorrow and sympathy, we pray for Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade and all whose sadness cuts so deep they contemplate acts of pure desperation.  We...

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Free and Low-Cost Services for Families in Crisis

Catholic Charities Is Here to Help

Clearly alcoholism, addiction, domestic violence and mental health debilitate and isolate those who suffer from them.  Less discussed but at least as tragic is the...

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