Protecting & Nurturing Children & Youth

Alianza: A Safety Net for Homeless Students

NOTE: the original article below was drafted and edited by Alice Hurley and John Mark de Palma. This version was edited by Jim Sliney Jr.

By Alice Garbarini Hurley, John Mark de Palma,...

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Help Wanted: Open Your Heart and Your Home to Fostering

By Alice Garbarini Hurley

Imagine all the people who landed in foster care -- John Lennon. Ella Fitzgerald. Eddie Murphy. Marilyn Monroe. Steve Jobs. Ice T. Cher. Nelson Mandela. Eleanor...

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Longing for Stability After a Childhood Spent in Hospitals

A genetic disorder has dominated large portions of Silas Waller’s life. Getting to college at first required a wheelchair and two buses, but he was determined to get on a path to financial security.


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Taekwondo Gave 2 Children an Outlet. It Gave Their Mother a Break.

Frances Ramirez was juggling three jobs with her responsibilities as a single parent when she got help paying for her children’s lessons.

Photo by Sasha Maslov, The New York Times...

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Looking back at 2019: St Nicholas to the Rescue

By Jim Sliney Jr.

On December 14th, New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan could be found shopping at the Astor Place Kmart, along with a team of over 300 volunteers to buy warm clothing like...

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Mother and Daughter Find Hope Through Mentorship Program

Photo by Joshua Bright, The New York Times

By Sara Aridi 

After years of raising her daughter, Nydia, on her own, Rita LaRosa sensed that Nydia needed another role model in her life,...

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“Mommy, I Love You” Struggling Single Mom and Young Autistic Daughter Bounce Back

Photo: Michael Noble Jr. for The New York Times

By Sara Aridi 

Angela Terrero’s daughter, Astrid, was about a year old when the unsettling behavior began.

She started...

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Meet Destinee

Photo by Sasha Maslov, The New York Times 

By Sara Aridi

Destinee Gonzalez Gil was nervous when she sat for...

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Hope of the World: Catholic Youth Organization

by Catherine Kirch

The Catholic Youth Organization of New York (CYO) is a division of Catholic Charities Community Services that organizes...

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The Reality of Domestic Violence in New York City

By Catherine Kirch

The office of City Comptroller Scott Singer...

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