Help for Refugees, Asylees, & Victims of Trafficking

Top 4 Ways to Help Separated Immigrant Children in New York

How You Can Help

Thousands of immigrant children seperated their families are now searching for one another. Many of these children were sent to New York and placed in temporary care while their...

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Best Way New Yorkers Can Help Separated Immigrant Children

At Catholic Charities We Know Each Child

Catholic Charities staff visit...

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Separated Immigrant Children Stranded in New York

Catholic Charities Deploys Manpower to Confront Calamity

As Director of Immigrant and Refugee Services for Catholic Charities NY, Mario Russell not only witnesses the calamity caused by...

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Eyewitness to Injustice at the Texas Border

These Families Are Our Families

Fr. Eric Cruz joined a small contingent of priests and Catholic Charities representatives on a pilgrimage this past weekend to the Texas border to visit a fellow...

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First-Hand Look into How Separated Immigrant Children Are Faring in NY

“No Apparent Plan for Reunification”

After President Trump’s announcement this week that his administration will stop separating immigrant children from their families and news trickles out about...

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Statement by Msgr. Kevin Sullivan before His Humanitarian Trip to Texas Border

By Msgr. Kevin Sullivan

Executive Director, Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New York

Protecting and nurturing children has always been one of the core missions of Catholic Charities....

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How Catholic Charities Helps Immigrant Children in This Time of Crisis

Pilot Program Taps into Play

Children fleeing violence and economic hardship arrive alone or are separated from their families on our borders. As they seek asylum and reunification with their...

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Statement on Recent Immigration Policy Changes

By Monsignor Kevin Sullivan
Executive Director, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York

The federal administration’s recent decision to separate children from their parents at the border...

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New Yorkers, Don’t Shut the Door on Refugees

Diversity Is What Makes Our City Special

By Kelly Agnew-Barajas

Director of Refugee Resettlement, Catholic Charities NY


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Bearing Witness - & Impacting - Immigration History

Check Out Our Latest Immigration Roundup


By C. Mario Russell, Esq.

Catholic Charities NY Director of Immigration & Refugee Services

We are growing accustomed—though...

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