Feeding Our Neighbors

Hungry and Need Help?

Catholic Charities Is Here for You

By Alice Kenny

No one should have to decide whether pay the rent or feed their family. Yet, hard as it is to believe in such a wealthy state, nearly one out of...

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1 in 5 New Yorker’s are Poor: Catholic Charities is Ready to Help 

Photo Credit: Enrique Alarcon

by John-Mark de Palma

2 Min Read: According to the...

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College Students Can’t Afford to Eat: 45% Have Food Insecurity Study Finds

Photo Credit: Alexis Brown

by John-Mark de Palma

3 Min Read. College students surviving on Ramen...

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Cardinal Dolan Demonstrates the Best Way to Celebrate Holy Thursday

Feeding New York’s Hungry

Toting bags freshly stuffed today, Holy Thursday, with fruits, beans, meat and their favorite foods, more than 100 families and single folks who may otherwise have gone hungry...

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Huge Disparities in Infant Mortality & Health Care Accessibility in NYC

Community Health Profile Reveals Disturbing Facts

Families, individuals and children in New York City neighborhoods Catholic Charities NY serves are burdened not only by significantly worse health but...

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Catholic Charities Works to Reduce Homelessness by 20%

Catholic Charities USA announced an ambitious plan to reduce chronic homelessness by 20% in five US cities. The goal is to reduce chronic homelessness -- those whose homlessness has caused them to...

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ShopRite Partners with Catholic Charities to Replenish Food Pantries

ShopRite announced it has partnered with Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York for its annual Feeding Our Neighbors campaign through Feb. 2. The partnership will help raise...

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Feed Hungry New Yorkers at ShopRite’s Checkout

But Time Is Running Out

For this week only, thanks to ShopRite Supermarket’s special partnership with Catholic Charities NY, we have the easiest, best and most effective way to help...

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Help for Furloughed Workers: Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities has always responded to meet emergency needs and crises - for non-Catholics and Catholics alike.  We have already provided assistance to families impacted in the New York metropolitan area by the loss of paychecks caused by the government shutdown.  We are prepared to assist...

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Skill + Karma = Westchester Knicks Win

Played for Canned Food Instead of Tickets

Thanks to support from cheering crowds inspired by the Westchester Knicks’ good will, this NBA G League team scored a nail-biting 104-102 victory over the...

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