Feeding the Hungry & Sheltering the Homeless

Former Santa Elf Faces Homelessness

Catholic Charities NY Steps In


For years Lisa, a former elf in Macy’s Santa Land; in an earlier life a person-sized...

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Recent Poll Says New Yorkers Support More Homeless Shelters

Homeless Man, Soho, NY. Photo Credit: Ben Hershey

By John-Mark de Palma  
2 Min Read: A recent ...

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Meet Katie, Makayla and the Fernandez Families

See This Snapshot of Those Helped by Catholic Charities

Mere stairs, as forbidding as a concrete wall, blocked Katie from ever visiting her daughter, Makayla at school.  Trapped in a wheelchair ever...

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USDA Launches Online SNAP Purchases for New Yorkers in Pilot Program

Photo Credit: Dan Gold

by John-Mark de Palma

A test segment of the 38 million...

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Cardinal Dolan Demonstrates the Best Way to Celebrate Holy Thursday

Feeding New York’s Hungry

Toting bags freshly stuffed today, Holy Thursday, with fruits, beans, meat and their favorite foods, more than 100 families and single folks who may otherwise have gone hungry...

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Grand Finale: Served by Catholic Charities & Profiled by The New York Times

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Jordon with his case manager, Stephanie Ali

“It’s amazing what can happen in a year,” write lead New York...

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Disabled And Facing Homelessness

Miguel Received Help From Catholic Charities

Miguel, disabled by three herniated discs, has been supporting his disabled wife and daughter by looking for items in the trash that can be...

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Honoring Catholic Relief Service Workers Who Died in Ethiopian Airlines Crash

Special Salute from Tom Dobbins, Catholic Charities’ John F. Hurley Honoree

A huge shout out to Catholic Charities Justice and Peace Coordinator, Tom Dobbins, for his well-deserved honor, the John...

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10,000 Children or 1 in 8 NYC Students is Homeless Before Entering 5th Grade: Study Says

A recent NYU study found that more than 10,000 children who started kindergarten in 2012 were homeless before they entered the 5th grade. Many were forced to stay in a shelter or live with...

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As Metropolitan Area Temperatures Continue to Drop, Catholic Charities of New York Warming Centers are Ready

As 25-mile-per-hour winds drag arctic air into the region plunging temperatures into the teens, men and women, homeless and desperate, gather inside Catholic Charities’ new warming center in Kingston, New...

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