Emergency & Temporary Shelters

New NYC Plan to Move Homeless from Summonses to Services

Homeless man in NYC subway asking for human kindness
Photo Credit: Matt Collamer

Program Implantation Gives Homeless a Second...

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1 in 5 New Yorker’s are Poor: Catholic Charities is Ready to Help 

Photo Credit: Enrique Alarcon

by John-Mark de Palma

2 Min Read: According to the...

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Meet Miguel: Struggling to Survive, Disabled, and Caring for his Disabled Family

by John-Mark de Palma

Miguel, who lives in the Bronx, owed over $8,220 in rent and was facing eviction before coming to Catholic Charities New York. Unable to find employment, Miguel has...

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As Metropolitan Area Temperatures Continue to Drop, Catholic Charities of New York Warming Centers are Ready

As 25-mile-per-hour winds drag arctic air into the region plunging temperatures into the teens, men and women, homeless and desperate, gather inside Catholic Charities’ new warming center in Kingston, New...

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Catholic Charities Works to Reduce Homelessness by 20%

Catholic Charities USA announced an ambitious plan to reduce chronic homelessness by 20% in five US cities. The goal is to reduce chronic homelessness -- those whose homlessness has caused them to...

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Warming Centers Protect Homeless as Temperatures Plummet

Catholic Charities NY Opens New Centers in Ulster & Rockland Counties

As 25-mile-per-hour winds drag arctic air into the region plunging temperatures into the teens, men and...

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Islands of Desolation: HOPE Homeless Count 2019

 “I’m Still Thinking of Them Now & What They’re Doing Tonight”

Just before midnight on Tuesday, January 29th and stretching into the chilly early morning hours of January 30th, Catholic Charities...

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‘Sacred Shelter’ Offers Stories of Hope from Formerly Homeless

Through faith, transformation and spiritual growth, more than 600 homeless people in New York have been propelled to a better life in recent decades thanks to the Education Outreach Program sponsored by archdiocesan Catholic Charities.

Many of their stories are told in an inspiring new...

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How to Stay Safe in New York During Winter’s Bitter Blast

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Brrrr!  Don’t let this biting blast of bitter cold turn deadly.
Stay safe.  It’s easy as 1, 2, 3. 

1. Who is most vulnerable?...

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