Disaster Response & Recovery

Catholic Charities Responds: Caritas Sri Lanka Supports Victims of Easter Bombings

The people of Sri Lanka praying The Rosary Following the terror attacks. Image: Getty Images

Caritas Sri Lanka...

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Let There Be Solar Power for Puerto Rico’s Low-Income Students

Let's Share The Sun Project Volunteers Install Solar Panels in Puerto Rico

by John-Mark de Palma

Answering the call to continue to...

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Solar Panels & Team Work Bring Light to Puerto Rico

Watch This Inspiring Video

Responding to government delays that have left Puerto Ricans still reeling from the...

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Check Out This New Link to Services New Yorkers Need

Thanks to New Catholic Charities Community Services Website

As 2018 races to a close, it’s time to look back at all we accomplished together and forward at all we...

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Attention: 2017 Hurricane Evacuees from Puerto Rico & the Virgin Islands

We Are Here for You!

Far too many evacuees forced to flee to New York from Hurricanes Maria and Irma that tore through Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands in 2017 are still suffering. 

  • ...

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“I’m Beeping!”

What You Need to Know about Yesterday’s Presidential Alert

OMG; what was that high-pitched “Presidential Alert” suddenly beeping and vibrating on  everyone’s cell phone yesterday? ...

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Puerto Rico Book Drive

Join Us!

Looking for a way to help children in Puerto Rico?   Join our Catholic Charities NY Book Drive!

September reminds children in Puerto Rico not only of a new school year but of Hurricane...

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How to Prepare, God Forbid, for a Disaster

September: National Preparedness Month

It’s National Preparedness Month, September 2018, giving us a special reminder to prepare ourselves and our families for, God forbid, an unexpected disaster.


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My Eye Witness to Puerto Rico’s Health Care Crisis

AKA My Mom’s Visit to the Hospital

By Teresa A. Santiago

Catholic Charities NY Spanish Media Consultant &  Estoy Con Puerto Rico Board Member

When my 90-year old mom...

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Virgin Islands Still Reeling as New Hurricane Season Hits

An Insider's Glimpse at Disaster

Largely ignored by current news media, the U.S. Virgin Islands continue to reel from back-to-back punches last year by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. ...

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