Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Orange County, NY: Epicenter of Heroin Addiction

Catholic Charities Teams Up During Recovery Month to Reduce Its Toll

Ninety-six pinwheels representing the deaths of 96 people who lost their battles with addiction last year alone were...

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10 Top Ways to Keep Families Together

When Addiction or Illness Could Tear Them Apart


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Finding Prevention Services

Understanding and identifying risk behaviors helps families, schools and communities learn what they can do to reduce or avoid substance use/abuse and promote healthy development among children, adolescents, and young adults. Catholic Charities provides prevention services in school and...

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Finding Treatment Services

Catholic Charities provides a comprehensive continuum of services to assist individuals suffering from the disease of addiction, those in recovery who need additional support, and the family members and loved ones who support them. Using tested and  proven practices tailored to meet the...

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Heroin Addiction Charted in Your Neighborhood

Check Out This Just-Released Data & How Catholic Charities is Battling Back

Just-released data reveals striking developments in how heroin is hurting your neighborhood.  Here in the ...

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Catholic Charities Confronts Alcohol & Drug Abuse Epidemic

Confronting horrendous stats – more than one-third of young adults...

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Heroin Spikes in Suburbs

Heroin overdoses are flaring out of control in...

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Supporting the Physically & Emotionally Challenged

The senior adjusting to recent blindness, the developmentally disabled child, and the emotionally challenged adult need the intensive care and support provided by Catholic Charities to live with dignity and in safety. Through a network of specialized services, Catholic Charities cares...

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