A Young Woman Tries to be the Kind of Mother She Never Had

Posted on February 2, 2015 by Alice Kenny  |  Share


Masicqua Andrews

Abandoned by her mother, abused by the aunt that raised her and beaten by her boyfriend, Masicqua Andrews, 20, says the only place she has felt loved and safe are at school and at the Catholic Charities affiliated Covenant House homeless shelter where she and her baby are rebuilding their lives. “They are like the family I never had,” 

Ms. Andrews said of Covenant House, a Catholic Charities affiliate, in a recently published New York Times Neediest Case profile. “They support me through everything I do. Masicqua’s parents, both drug addicts, had nearly a dozen children with various partners.  They left them all with relatives to raise.  Only Masicqua graduated high school.  And only Masicqua, thanks to Covenant House, is about to go to college so to provide a better life for her little boy. 

Read Masiqua’s full New York Times Neediest Cases profile now.

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