Worried About Healthcare Cuts’ Impact on Disabled Children?

Posted on May 1, 2017 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

Find Solutions at Astor’s Forum Today!

Worried about the impact of healthcare cutbacks that target children with disabilities so severe they need residential care?  Our Catholic Charites affiliate Astor Services for Children & Families is working to fill the gap by creating a “Center of Excellence” to provide short and long-term treatment center for young children with emotional and behavioral challenges. Find out more today, Monday, May 1, from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. at Astor’s community partners forum held at its residential program site, 6339 Mill Street, Rhinebeck, NY.

 “While we are committed to providing residential services for children with mental and behavioral needs into the foreseeable future, the current trend toward shorter residential stays is something we take seriously,” said James McGuirk, Ph.D., Executive Director/CEO.

“Creating a Center of Excellence focused on comprehensive short- and long-term care for the treatment of young children with serious emotional and behavioral problems,” he added, “is a wonderful way to expand on our services and provide needed care for the children.”

During today’s forum, Astor will seek input from its community partners on the need for

  • residential services for affected children
  • additional on-campus programs
  • possible crisis respite stabilization programs
  • intensive partial hospital programs

Astor Services for Children & Families has been providing behavioral and educational services in a caring environment where children and their families find strength, healing, hope and trust since 1953. Now serving more than 7,000 children and families annually in more than 80 locations, Astor’s range of services in the Hudson Valley and the Bronx include: Residential Programs; Early Childhood Programs; and Community-Based Behavioral Health and Prevention Services.

Astor’s residential programs serve 64 children ages 5 to 13 who have severe emotional, behavioral and educational challenges, and an additional 15 day students in the Astor Learning Center, the organization’s special education school, in Rhinebeck.

“It is apropos that we are having this forum on May 1, the first day of Mental Health Awareness Month,” said McGuirk.

During this month, the mental health community reaffirms its commitment to children and families who are struggling with this illness, and build an understanding to decrease the stigma.

Catholic Charities agencies, such as Astor, provide professional care with compassion and dignity to individuals whose needs are too complex to be met at home. Our residences offer a range of support and services for children and adults to promote healthy, dignified lives.

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