Why do you give on #GivingTuesday?

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By William Mooney Sloneker

people helping people at food pantry

On this #GivingTuesday, we hope you will show your support through a donation to Catholic Charities. We also hope you’ll share with us and others the inspiration for your gift.

Something that makes Catholic Charities special is that it addresses virtually every basic human need: food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, guidance for the young, treatment for those struggling with addiction, counsel for those finding their way in a new land, and so much more.

Catholic Charities helps New York in many ways, and so there are many reasons for giving. We want to learn what inspires your generosity.

As an employee and donor of Catholic Charities, I have my own story for why I give.

Its 100+ years of deep-rooted social services work resonated with me, hearkening back to the Jesuit education that challenged me to “be a man for others.” This credo inspired me to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector in the first place and has guided me to social services organizations throughout the country. Seizing the opportunity to work here three years ago was a great move and has been a very fulfilling experience.

Its big-hearted staff and far-reaching network of agencies deepened my understanding of the people and institutions that make our City function and grow. They inspired me to run the 2018 NYC Marathon for Catholic Charities. I raised money for the St. Nicholas Project as I trained for the race that traverses all five boroughs—a long, humbling course that covers still only a fraction of Catholic Charities’ regional impact.

Most of all, as an NYC transplant, Catholic Charities has helped me connect with the City and find a way to call it home. That’s why I keep giving.

Why do you give? Have you benefited from a program? Volunteered at a food pantry? Been moved by a visit to one of Catholic Charities’ sites or molded by an upbringing that emphasized giving to others?

We’ve included a form below for you to share your story with us. We’ll keep your responses private, but we may follow up to learn more. We hope you’ll share as much as you can today—and, of course, we hope you make a gift.

Thank you for reading and for celebrating #GivingTuesday with us.



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