When Courage & Resilience Are Not Enough

Posted on May 29, 2018 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

How You Can Make a Difference

As one of our loyal Catholic Charities blog readers, you are well aware that many of our New York neighbors are in dire need. That’s why I’m writing to remind you to join Catholic Charities’ 2018 ANNUAL FUND DRIVE. We’ve been hard at work in our communities, but the need is growing rapidly. I’m afraid we can’t keep up without you.

The last time I reached out, I shared the story of our neighbor Juana and her daughters, Julia and Estefany. Juana had to make the heartbreaking decision to leave her girls in El Salvador with a family friend so she could find work cleaning houses in the U.S. The financial support, however, couldn’t keep the girls safe from threats of violence, and they were forced to flee for their lives. They traveled for three months, and in the summer of 2014 they were finally reunited with their mother in New York City.

Their courage and resilience in the face of adversity are inspiring. The fact that they’re together and safe in New York City is in large part thanks to support from generous people like you.

In times like these, courage and resilience aren’t always enough. It takes a helping hand to lift up our neediest neighbors and shine light for a hopeful future. That’s where YOU come in.

Julia and Estefany represent just two of the thousands of struggling children in our city who are counting on your kindness. I hope you will renew your support for Catholic Charities' good works today by making a gift to the 2018 ANNUAL FUND DRIVE.

Give Now

A gift from you today will help determine how many families like Juana’s we can lift up now and throughout the year. Their lives and livelihoods depend on it.

Remember, in helping meet material needs, you’re also providing the immeasurable gift of hope to neighbors right here in your community. I pray you’ll be as generous as you can.

My deepest gratitude,

Msgr. Kevin Sullivan
Executive Director

P.S. Please join the 2018 ANNUAL FUND DRIVE now and help answer the prayers of a family in desperate need by making a generous gift today.

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