Urgent! We Need Your Help and Hope

Posted on March 26, 2018 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

Last year was a year of devastation for so many of our brothers and sisters: hurricanes; evictions; lives and livelihoods swept away. But because of compassionate neighbors like you, it was also a year of great hope.

In the aftermath of natural disasters and economic uncertainties, we’ve met countless hungry and homeless newcomers and native New Yorkers seeking our help to build a better life. Your commitment has provided us with the resources to do more to serve our neediest neighbors and help them build a better life right here in New York.

Neighbors like Enid and her two children, Ava (15) and Juan (9), wouldn’t have found that sense of community without compassionate hearts like yours. Having lost everything to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Enid anxiously uprooted her family and moved to her brother’s home in Spring Valley, New York. She was uncertain and feared for her family’s future.

Fortunately, Enid discovered Catholic Charities. We were able to use our resources and connections to provide what the family needed to get back on track. It is a true blessing to report that the family is acclimating quickly. Enid has secured a stable job and her children are doing well in school.

Give Now

There are so many other hardworking local families like Enid’s facing unexpected hardships during this critical time. Whether native New Yorkers or recently arrived, these neighbors are counting on us. They came to our beautiful city seeking hope, and that hope is you.

Please, will you help us? A gift from you today will be a great blessing and will help meet the critical needs in your local communities.

With thanks for your kind heart,

Msgr. Kevin Sullivan

Executive Director


P.S. I urge you to answer the prayers of a family in desperate need by making a generous gift today. Families like Enid’s are counting on your help and hope to see them through devastating hardships. When we come together as a community, we can solve the toughest problems in our neighborhoods. Please take this chance today to welcome your new neighbors by lending a helping hand.

Catholic Charities is responding to the needs of our neighbors during the 
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