Tracing My NYC Marathon Run to Memories of My Dad

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James Tuomey Shares Why He is Running for Team Catholic Charities NY

Just three months to go until the Big Day – the TCS NYC Marathon 2018!

What inspires someone to take on this grueling 26-mile run? Each of our 10 Team Catholic Charities NYC Marathon runners has different answer. For James Tuomey, the answer goes way back to when he was a small boy watching his dad.  Let’s hear from James now:

By James Tuomey

So Small I Had to Stand on a Light Pole

My first memory of the NYC Marathon is from when I was six years old. My mother took me to Central Park to watch my father run. I remember standing on the base of a light pole and the thrill of seeing my dad running with so many determined marathoners, so close to the finish line, with what felt like all of New York out to cheer them on.

A Dream Realized, 25 Years Later

Now, some twenty-five years later, I will be running my first NYC Marathon.

Lots of Runs, But Never the Big One

A few years ago, I relocated to Maryland, but am thrilled to be returning to NYC to run on behalf of Team Catholic Charities NY. I’ve run the Baltimore Marathon; a half marathon, a  multi-obstacle endurance race and multiple shorter distance road races.

I’ve done a lot of training in New York, which is home to some of my favorite trails – the promenade in Brooklyn, and up and down the Hudson River Greenway.

Running for Catholic Charities; Supporting Those in Desperate Need

Since moving to Maryland I have worked as an Assistant State’s Attorney, largely with victims of domestic and family violence. I have seen the support organizations like Catholic Charities provide to those who are in desperate need, and am honored to run on behalf of Catholic Charities NY.

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