Top 4 Ways to Change a Child’s Life

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Volunteer as a Big Brother or Big Sister Mentor in New York City

Step right up and change a child’s life.

Poverty cuts children off from good food, housing or clothes.  Nearly as bad, New York City’s grinding poverty leaves parents overwhelmed, cutting children off from the wealth of museums, music, athletics and cultural activities that could help them thrive.

Catholic Big Sisters and Big Brothers, our Catholic Charities affiliate here in New York City, offers the Top Fours ways, depending on your time availability, that you can intervene to help a child in need.

1) Become a Big Sister or Big Brother Mentor

Families seeking mentoring services for their children contact us every day.But we can’t serve youth without the help of volunteer mentors. Join us and spend 8-10 hours each month with your own assigned “little sister” or “little brother.

2) Host a World of Work Mentoring Opportunity at Your Job

Students meet twice monthly on a weekday afternoon onsite, giving them firsthand work experience and career preparation. Please contact us if your workplace, alma matter alumni group, or intermural team may be interested in learning more about opportunities to mentor.

3) Join Catholic Big Sisters and Big Brothers Special Events Team

We host an array of special events throughout there year, from golf to galas and masquerade balls, and hand select a group of dedicated supporters to serve on our committees to make these events a success.If you are interested in joining us at these events or being a part of these teams, let us know!

4) Use Your Social Media Savvy to Spread the Word

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, connect us with your professional and affinity networks, and talk up the great powering of mentoring to your friends, families, and colleagues.

Catholic Big Sisters has provided comprehensive mentoring programs for more than 100 years. Today, Catholic Big Sisters and Big Brothers focuses on strengthening a child's entire family, training trains volunteers to serve as friends and guides to young persons in need throughout New York City’s five boroughs. Comprehensive programs provide one-to-one mentoring and support for children ages 10-18, family-focused counseling and skills-building workshops for non-Catholics and Catholics alike.

Change a Child’s Life

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