Top 10 Ways to Fight Domestic Violence

Posted on October 27, 2015 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take this October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month to make women suffering from substance abuse and served by our New Hope Manor affiliate aware of the pain of domestic violence.  In fact, an overwhelming majority of women helped by this residential treatment facility in upstate New York were victims of domestic abuse.
To empower them and bring this secret into the light they are participating in the Clothesline Project.  Each woman proclaims her protest on a t-shirt she designs and hangs on a line for all to see.
Join the protest and fight back against domestic violence.  Here are the top ten ways:

  1.  Speak out
  2.  Change the channel/delete the comment when you see media that objectifies women
  3. Hit them in the wallet.  Don’t buy things in places that sell pornography and support violence
  4. Criticize rather than laugh at sexist jokes
  5. Blame the abuser, not the victim
  6. Find and share sources of help when a victim confides in you
  7. Educate children about violence prevention
  8. Support legislation that helps victims and prosecutes batterers
  9. Volunteer at crisis prevention programs
  10. Donate to programs that combat violence

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