Top 10 New York Summer 2018 Volunteer Opportunities

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Unique, Fulfilling and Tailored Just for You


Looking for the best volunteer opportunities in New York this summer?

You name it; we’ve got it. 

Check out these unique –and fulfilling - ways to stretch and share your talents:

1)  Mentor Middle-School-Aged Foster Children

We all remember how tough middle school was.  Can you imagine navigating middle school, a time most of us remember with dread, without even the security a parent provides? That’s why our Catholic Charities NY affiliate Catholic Guardian Society and  Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City now offer a special mentoring program for middle school children in foster care.

Volunteer as foster child’s mentor


2)  Become a role model

That’s right – you, a role model for High School Students in the Bronx. Share your wisdom.  Offer college and career advice.  Make a difference.

Volunteer as a role model


3)  Mentor a Young Adult Outgrowing Foster Care

After reaching age 18, 20% of the children who were in foster care will become instantly homeless.  Often, clearly way too often, they find themselves dumped out of foster homes and into a world they have no idea how to navigate.  From career advice to how to pay a phone bill, to just taking their call when they have a bad day, they need your help.

   Volunteer to mentor young adults outgrowing foster care

4)  Green Thumbs Needed

Help us maintain a community garden – an oasis of green – in the Bronx.

Volunteer as a gardening assistant

5)  Teach English as a Second Language to the Blind & Visually Impaired

Imagine navigating New York City without speaking English and without the ability to see!

Volunteer as an English as a Second Language Instructor with the Blind


6)  Help refugees apply for free legal representation

Fed up with refugee bashing and want to make a difference?

Volunteer as an interviewer at our upcoming Community Legal Clinic for immigrants and refugees


7)  Provide a fine dining for the hungry

Our Catholic Charities affiliate, POTS, empowers those in need by not only offering food but providing it with dignity. Volunteer waiters serve free meals to tables filled with diners in  need.

Volunteer as a waiter or chef’s assistant for those in need


8)  Support Day Laborers

Do you drive by corners filled with day laborers desperate for work and wish you could to do something to help?

Volunteer as an administrative assistant for our day laborers program

9)  Thrift shop assistant

Love discovering special Thrift Shop finds?

Volunteer as a Thrift Shop Assistant

10)  Sign language interpreter

Remember using sign language with your classmates while ignoring your teacher’s lessons? How about brushing off those sign language skills as an interpreter for deaf children and adults

Volunteer as a Sign Language Interpreter

That’s a wrap for our Top Ten New York Summer Volunteer opportunities.  But when it comes to volunteer opportunities at Catholic Charities, they are just the tip of the (melting) summer iceberg.

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