Teens Use Art to Explore Issues of Trust

Posted on August 30, 2018 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

Perspective on Unity, Social Disparity & Equality

How can we trust if we can’t trust our own thoughts?  This is the challenge artists face as they test out their creativity.  And it’s the title and focus of a new program offered this summer to high school-aged artists participating in Casita Maria’s Artworks internship as they designed an exhibition at Casita Maria’s Gallery in the South Bronx under this name.

Their powerful collection of pieces in this “How Can We Trust if We Can’t Trust Our Own Thoughts?” exhibit are inspired, they say, by unity, social disparity, equality and perspective. 

Those are big words.  And they’re words with which these teens have become familiar. 

Casita Maria, a Catholic Charities affiliate, takes the lead as a vital contributor to the South Bronx renaissance. Originally named the Elizabeth Seton League, Inc., after St. Elizabeth Seton, the first native-born citizen of the U.S. canonized by the Roman Catholic Church, Casita Maria was the first charitable organization to serve the Hispanic Community in New York City.

Their new exhibit offers yet another example of how Casita Maria helps turn this once blighted neighborhood into a culturally and artistically vibrant home that prepares its younger generations for success.

While the exhibit’s title seems complicated, Casita Maria’s goals remain simple:  To address poverty and ensure systemic, durable change in this disadvantaged neighborhood.

Through programs and exhibits like “How Can We Trust if We Can’t Trust Our Own Thoughts?”, Casita Maria:

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