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Finding Hope by Running 

Posted on 07/31/2019 by Catholic Charities Admin  |  Share

James Walsh and his family motivate each other to run for “a phenomenal cause.”

When I first started in 2017 running the marathon for Catholic Charities, my intent was to honor my Mom who had passed suddenly and who was indebted to organizations like...

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After Surviving A Car Accident, Cynthia Psencik Continues To Run for Team Catholic Charities NY

Posted on 07/14/2016 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

By Cynthia Psencik

I joined Team Catholic Charities for the NYC Marathon in 2012 and unfortunately was struck by a car which left me unable to run.  I underwent physical therapy for months and just last year was able to complete the...

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Tips and Tricks for Running the NYC Marathon

Posted on 06/1/2016 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

Inside Lane: Spotlight on Patrick Powers

Our 10 Team Catholic Charities runners are gearing up for the big day, the TCS New York City Marathon scheduled for Sunday, November 6, 2016.

They’ll be racing through all five...

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Secret to Run the NYC Marathon

Posted on 03/16/2016 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

How You Can Score a Coveted Spot

Always dreamed of running in the TCS  New York City Marathon and wished you knew the secret for scoring a spot?

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Family Runs NYC Marathon with Team Catholic Charities

Posted on 08/14/2015 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

For Jason Huber, running the NYC Marathon for Team Catholic Charities is a family affair.  He's running with his mother, Lisa Huber, and brother, Jeff Huber.

 Today let's find out what inspires Jason to run.  And stay tuned to our...

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Why I’m Running Two Years Straight with Team Catholic Charities

Posted on 08/4/2015 by Catholic Charities Admin  |  Share

By Amanda Weber

In 2014, when I first told my friends and family that I was running the marathon, they looked at me like I was crazy. So you can imagine their reaction when I told them I was running again—VERY excited...

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Is Running the NYC Marathon on Your Bucket List?

Posted on 03/11/2015 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

You’re just in time to join the Big Team in the Big City. That’s us, Team Catholic Charities NY running in the TCS New York City Marathon.


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