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Overwhelmed and Need Help?

Posted on 05/30/2019 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

Catholic Charities Provides New Yorkers the Free and Low-Cost Support They Need

Confronted with an eviction notice, an aging parent’s declining health, a child’s struggles with drugs or other crises? Seeking help in areas you once knew nothing about...

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Become St. Nick for a New York Family in Need

Posted on 10/18/2018 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

Join Our Adopt-a-Family Program

Need is growing in New York and the holidays are near. Despite second jobs, many of our neighbors cannot afford soaring rents, heat and food, let alone gifts to make their holidays special. 

Thankfully, you can...

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Catholic Charities is responding to the needs of our neighbors during the 
COVID-19 pandemic.

For Help Call 888-744-7900