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Faith Leaders Fight for New York Farm Workers

Posted on 03/23/2018 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

Push to Bring Modern Rights to Medieval Workplaces

Farm workers, largely foreign born and already unprotected by labor laws most of us take for granted, feel increasingly helpless during this vocal anti-immigrant environment. So Catholic...

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Filed under: Welcoming & Integrating Immigrants & Refugees

Tags: New York farm worker rights, Rural and Migrant Ministry, Governor Cuomo, Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act

New York State Targets Huge Grant to Catholic Charities Orange Sullivan to Fight Opioid Crises

Posted on 09/20/2017 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

Provides Prevention, Treatment & Recovery in Highest-Need Area in the Nation

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Filed under: Supporting the Physically & Emotionally Challenged

Tags: OASAS, Governor Cuomo, Opioid Crisis, Catholic Charities Orange and Sullivan

Blizzard May Trap Elderly

Posted on 01/26/2015 by Alice Kenny  |  Share


CAUTION:  Snow’s already falling sideways before Winter Storm Juno -- scheduled to slam New York City by 1 pm and predicted the worst blizzard in the city’s history -- has even started: Catholic Charities is here to help.

Are you a homebound senior trapped inside by mountains of snow? Catholic Charities, partnering again with...

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Filed under: Strengthening Families & Resolving Crises, Supporting the Physically & Emotionally Challenged

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