Summer Heat & Teen Transformation

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Youth Ministries for Peace & Justice Makes It Happen

From Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice Facebook Page

Because summer heat in the city, teens, and trouble too often melt together, Catholic Charities and its affiliates like Youth Ministries for Peace & Justice turn this into a time for teenage transformation.

At Youth Ministries for Peace & Justice summer becomes a special time to get teens off the streets and into leadership opportunities that transform their communities.

So this hot summer South Bronx teens are involved in a variety of Youth Ministries programs including:

  • Arts for Activism engages young people in dance, music, muraling, film, poetry and other art activities that focus on how arts serve as a medium for both personal and social transformation.
  • Education for Liberation serves as a source of academic support and political education. Young people have access to tutoring, homework assistance and test prep in SAT's and GED. They also have access to a college and reading library and support in developing educational goals. Youth and adult residents are also exposed to books, films, and guest speakers who encourage them to engage in the work of social change.
  • Wellness encourages a holistic approach that addresses physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Alternative forms of healing such as reiki, acupuncture, polarity therapy, meditation and yoga are explored in consultation with health practitioners.
  • Community Justice Programs offer direct support to youth members, their families and the broader community in immigration, health care access, housing, gaining access to public benefits programs and workforce development.

Founded in 1994 when gangs, crack houses and pollution held sway over South Bronx streets, Youth Ministries for Peace & Justice is a faith-based center for urban ministry dedicated to fostering peace and justice through youth and community organizing and development. Using the principles of Catholic Social Teaching along with arts and education outlets for teens and wrap-around support services for parents, participating youth have a track record of success using faith and justice to organize, repair and rebuild their communities.

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