Strokes Leave Yvette Struggling to Survive

Posted on April 11, 2016 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

Until Catholic Charities Steps In

Mashed potatoes and eggs.  That’s all Yvette can swallow without choking since two strokes seized her body and mind at age 42.  Thinking, talking – let alone eating – are part of a daily struggle to survive.  Facing eviction, she says, since she can no longer work was one struggle too many.

Before the stroke stole all she valued, Yvette put herself through school to become a medical assistant, worked in hospitals and raised two daughters alone.

But on a hot July day everything went black.  When she woke up in a hospital hours later, the right side of her body -- from her mouth, arms, legs and feet were paralized. 

She thought things couldn’t get worse. Then she had another stroke.

When the hospital finally sent her home she tried to get by on savings and a small disability check.  But after ten years of trying, her bills came crashing down.  She owed $2,883 in rent and faced eviction.

Skyrocketing housing prices coupled with low wages and emergencies like Yvette’s result in evictions and homelessness for growing numbers of children, individuals and families. Catholic Charities is here to help. Individuals and families who fall behind on rent and are being sued in housing court can also receive help with:

- Back rent

- Family eviction prevention housing subsidies

-Moving from New York City shelters to suitable apartments

- Housing court and other legal challenges § Mediation with landlords

Fortunately, Catholic Charities Eviction Prevention Program intervened.  They cobbled together funds to cover her back rent.  And they helped her develop a strategy live independently.

“It’s a miracle,” Yvette says. “But it’s hard having others help me.”

Two strokes left Yvette struggling to survive – that is, until Catholic Charities stepped in.

 Find out how Catholic Charities helps prevent eviction for Yvette and others in crisis.

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