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Catholic Charities of Orange, Sullivan, and Ulster Counties Helps Clients with a Road to Recovery

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By Dana Weiner

Rockefeller Institute of Government’s podcast, ‘Policy Outsider,’ returns to Sullivan County, New York with through a segment called Stories from Sullivan. Researchers from this podcast aim to hear the stories of current clients in recovery at Catholic Charities of Orange, Sullivan, and Ulster Counties rehabilitation facilities, part of the Catholic Charities New York family of agencies.  

This podcast shares the first-hand experience of four people in recovery who open up and share their path to addiction, their struggles to begin recovery, and what kind of support they want to see from policy-makers. These people have experienced a lot of hardship from losing friends, going to jail, and surviving from the brink of overdose.

“Not a lot of people are ready to walk up that ramp and go into a crisis, but yet if they don’t walk up that ramp, they are either going to end up on a river bed or they are finally going to have that moment and say their done. It’s kind of a two-sided bridge, but with some kind of help from the higher ups or from the government you can kind of push them to making their mind up to be done with it because this [substance addiction] is getting out of control,” said one of the clients in the podcast.

Catholic Charities of Orange, Sullivan, and Ulster Counties provides individualized treatment for adolescents and adults who suffer from addictive disorders. The staff includes psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, counselors, and licensed mental health practitioners. The programs provide access to peer services for recovery support, clinical programs, tele-health programs, and mobile treatment services in addition to individual, family and group therapy for substance abuse and case management services for those battling addiction.

“The people at Catholic Charities and groups that we go to [let you] know that you’re not alone in this, people have gone through what you’re going through… When you have a counselor or lecturer that has actually been in the chairs that we are in, it’s so much easier and relatable. If he can do it, I can do it and it gives me hope.” – excerpt from the podcast.

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