Statement from Catholic Charities of New York on World Day of Migrants and Refugees

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(NY, NY) - September 29, 2019 - Monsignor Kevin Sullivan, the head of Catholic Charities of New York, issued the following statement today to mark World Day of Migrants and Refugees. 

“America’s strength has always derived from its willingness, however reluctant at times, to welcome immigrants and refugees.  Catholic values are equally rooted in the belief that we should welcome the stranger, and extend a hand to help. 

“Both American and Catholic  values are undermined by the approach taken by this administration.  As the worldwide refugee crisis increases, current policies and actions decrease our willingness to help as a country. This betrays our greatness and legacy.   It also requires that we call on one-another and our leaders to live up to our faith, regardless of our religion, and our values as a nation to help those in danger who seek safety and protection for themselves and their families. Last April, I personally saw that fear in the eyes of those I met in Central America who did not want to leave, but were forced to flee for their lives.  

“Catholic Charities has helped resettle more than 10,000 refugees. It’s an investment we have made in these individuals - and in our country. 

“If we are to encourage democracy and religious freedom, as we should, we must be prepared to welcome those seeking the same.”

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