Safe, Fun Afterschool Programs for New York Children

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Perfect Answer for Working Parents

Afterschool Programs 

Looking for safe, fun afterschool programs for your children? Check out our programs at Catholic Charities NY.  We offer high-quality programs staffed by motivated professionals and volunteers that help children pursue their strengths through academic support, sports, recreation, arts and cultural experiences.

Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) Sports and Youth Programs

Many think about Catholic Charities’ sports programs when they think about CYO.  After all, more than 18,000 youth participate each year. But these parish-based youth programs supported by Catholic Charities offer more than just sports.  Thousands of children and teens also participate in activities that span from teen groups to fitness challenges, art, essay, oratorical contests and more.  Together they foster young people’s spiritual, cultural and athletic growth. 

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts

Affiliated with national scouting programs, our parish-based programs are spread throughout New York.  They build character, citizenship and fitness.  They also reinforce our faith’s religious values. 

Their popularity demonstrates their success:  More than 22,000 youth participate.  More than 9,000 volunteers serve as leaders. Children and volunteers are welcome to join.

The Archdiocese of New York Catholic Committee on Scouting is a volunteer committee affiliated with the Archdiocese of New York Youth Ministry through Catholic Charities.

Visit the NY Catholic Scouts website to join or volunteer 

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COVID-19 pandemic.

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