Quality, Affordable Day Care in New York

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Tailored for Your Child’s Needs

Children need safe places to learn and thrive. Catholic Charities NY offers a range of quality daycare options catered to each child’s and family’s unique needs. Our caring staff is licensed after passing intensive background checks and completing rigorous safety and child-care training programs.

Family Day Care

Carefully screened providers care for children in the providers’ own homes.  They are monitored and evaluated to ensure safe environments.

Center-Based Day Care

Qualified, compassionate teachers and day care workers care for children in community settings run in accordance with Department of Health guidelines.  Programs include art, games and instruction.  Indoor and outdoor activities promote children’s social, physical, cognitive and emotional growth.

Head Start Programs

Caring professionals promote school readiness for children, ages three to five. Enrollment and participation is based on income. Programs focus on the well-being of the child by providing nutritious meals, health care, education and family development services. This comprehensive approach promotes language, literacy, social and emotional development.

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