Powerful Documentary Honors Catholic Charities Centennial

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Watch Now – It’s Our Gift to You

Watch this powerful documentary made in honor of Catholic Charities centennial celebration and meet some of our neighbors that Catholic Charities has been helping with dignity and compassion for 100 years.

Spoiler alert:  You’ll meet everyone here and more.  It’s our birthday and our birthday gift to you!

Here are some highlights:

Catholic Charities Executive Director Msgr. Kevin Sullivan:

“We’ve helped our neighbors in need to rise up to a better life.

“I’d like you now to meet some of those neighbors who now are living their lives with a better future:”

Meet a young man served by our affiliate, Cardinal McCloskey Community Services, at its safe haven not only for runaway or homeless youth but also youth who may be at home but don’t have the most stable situation and are at risk of becoming runaway or homeless

“When I first came, I didn’t trust anyone,” the young man you will meet in this video says. “I thought this place was part of that place where everybody was out to get you but it was the exact opposite.”

Meet a mom helped by our affiliate, Part of the Solution (POTS), that helps struggling individuals and families move from crisis to stability - and ultimately to self-sufficiency.

“I was very stressed. I didn’t know where to turn to for help with food, with help for my kids with books for school. It was really a blessing that I found POTS.

Meet a young woman helped by our affiliate Little Sisters of the Assumption Family Health service that, through home visits, on-site services, support groups and more, helps the most vulnerable achieve the wellness and strength they need to move forward.

“I was so shy and they were so helpful.  They helped me a lot.”

Meet a middle-aged mom helped by our affiliate, Mercy Center, a community center and haven in the South Bronx that empowers women and their family to reach their full potential and become agents of change for healthy family living and economic independence.

“I’m very shy when I speaking English but now I got the confidence to talk and express myself.  They teach you how to be a better person because it’s not only English but it’s also emotional support; we’re struggling as immigrants coming here to get great opportunities.”

The diversity of our population is complimented by the varied sectors that form the bedrock of this great metropolis. We look to the future with a renewed and deepened commitment to the children and families of New York. Let’s look within to see what each of us can do in our own lives and organizations and let’s look outside to one another to see what we can do together. Let’s join in building a stronger New York: more inclusive, more empowering and more caring.  

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