Meet Lexi Moutafakis: Bronx Teacher by Day; NYC Marathon Runner by Night

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Find Out What Motivates Lexi

Team Catholic Charities NY runners not only take on the TCS NYC Marathon, considered the most important marathon in the world; they also raise funds to help Catholic Charities provide crucial help and hope for New Yorkers in need.

What motivates these hard chargers -- and how do they plan to accomplish two such big goals?  For team member Lexi Moutafakis it comes down to two reasons, finally running  rather than watching the marathon and supporting Catholic Charities NY, an organization she sees providing so much support to the Bronx students she teachers. Let’s meet Lexi now.


By Lexi Moutafakis 

Bronx High School Teacher & First Time TCS NYC Marathon Runner

Although I was born in Virginia, for the past four years I have lived on New York City’s Upper East Side and worked as a high school teacher.  And every November for these past 4 years, I have stood cheering at mile 17 on 1st Avenue as thousands of strangers complete the NYC Marathon. This year Catholic Charities has given me the opportunity not just to watch others on November 4th, but to fundraise and run for a great cause

I always wanted to complete a full marathon - not only because it is challenging, but also because it is about the process of training, not just the marathon itself. I began recreationally jogging in college with a few of my friends, and it has grown over the past decade from casual weekend runs to 5ks to 10 milers to a half marathon last year. While watching the 26.2 miles through the 5 boroughs is inspiring, it is also humbling to think about the commitment and number of hours of training that go into one race.. 

I am honored to run for Team Catholic Charities because of the amazing work it does for all New Yorkers - especially children, the homeless and immigrants.

As a teacher in the Bronx, I have seen firsthand how Catholic Charities has advocated on behalf my students and all children across New York City. Running the marathon in support of Catholic Charities is a small thank you for one day in November to an organization that supports people every day of the year with compassion, charity, service and love. 

For the next 6 months, you will probably find me in Central Park, on one of the Reservoir trails. I am looking forward to November 4th, 2018! 

Please check out Lexi's Page  

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