Meet Leroy: Blind, Homeless and Searching for Help

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Special Series Maps Catholic Charities in Your Neighborhood

Check out our new five-part series introducing you to the faces and stories of some of the millions of people to whom Catholic Charities has been privileged to provide help and hope during our 100-year legacy of service. Today, meet Leroy, blind, hungry, homeless and searching for help.

Leroy, 49, suffers from myopic degeneration, a congenital condition that has worsened his vision with age. Navigating New York City’s streets has become increasingly treacherous. He has had close calls with cars, even more with bicycles, only to be saved by the blaring of horns or screeching of tires. With his vision failing, Leroy could no longer work. He became homeless. But, thanks to Catholic Charities, he now has a temporary home at the St. Anthony Shelter for Renewal in the Bronx. Meanwhile, our Guild for the Blind has helped him enroll in employment training classes , so he can become self-sufficient.

The senior adjusting to recent blindness.  The developmentally disabled child. The emotionally challenged adult.  Through a network of specialized services, Catholic Charities cares compassionately for the most vulnerable New Yorkers – providing the intensive care and support for them to live in safety and dignity.  

These days, Leroy can find his way more safely, thanks to a cane given to him by our Guild for the Blind. He’s also looking forward to securing himself permanent public housing. Because of the help and hope you make possible through Catholic Charities, Leroy’s future looks brighter than ever. “ I prefer having stronger faith than stronger vision ,” says Leroy. “I know God has something great in store for me

These aren’t just stories.  These are the lives of our neighbors made better by Catholic Charities.

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