Meet East Harlem Families; See Their Lives Transformed

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Just-Released Video Celebrates Sixty Years of Service

East Harlem, home for the unwanted distinction of the highest child poverty rate in all of New York City, also serves as the much-wanted home of LSA Family Health, founded 60 years ago by Little Sisters of Assumption to care families in need.

“Here at Little Sisters they show us how to interact with our children, how we can involve them more academically and how to raise our children” says Guillermina Solano, a participant in LSA’s Parenting and Child Development program in this just released video celebrating the anniversary of the nuns’ arrival.

The story of the nuns’ impact on this struggling neighborhood and families like Guillermina’s is a powerful one.

  • 54% of children in E. Harlem are born into poverty
  • The average LSA client’s income is $18,779
  • 1/3 of families served by LSA share a small apartment with at least one other family

“Our nurses would go into a home and they would see there wasn't enough food, so they started the food pantry,” says LSA CEO Reada Bunin Edelstein.  “They saw that the children didn't have warm clothes, so they started the thrift shop. Everything we do involves home visiting so that we see clients not just here but in their own environment. We respond to the needs that people tell us they have or that we see.”

  • LSA made 3,558 home visits last year, providing nursing, environmental health, child development and family support services
  • Best of all, 98% of infants receiving home visits achieve appropriate developmental milestones

“There were times when I didn’t think I could do anything but LSC staff helped me overcome it,” says Kimberly Daniels, another participant in LSA programs.  “Staff helped me enjoy my little girl, see her smile, have fun and engage with her.  Their socialization course helped me as well as my daughter.”

  • 93% of students in the summer enrichment program improved at least 1 grade level

LSA Family Health Services provide after and out-of-school time activities, early intervention and special education, emergency meals, counseling, maternity services and more.

“More than anything else,” Guillermina adds, “they show us how to be better fathers and mothers.”

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