Mayor de Blasio Hails Catholic Charities' Help for Homeless

Posted on January 11, 2016 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

Homelessness across New York City is soaring.  Nearly 4,000 people are now barely surviving on frigid city streets.  Meanwhile studies reveal a record high of approximately 58,000 people living in shelters, many in squalor and disrepair. Thankfully, says Mayor Bill De Blasio in a WNYC radio interview aired this past Friday:

The fact is there are some good shelters.  We have all sorts of providers...

Catholic Charities (and its affiliates) who help the homeless do very good work in their shelters...

We're also giving folks safe havens. Those are smaller facilities usually in faith-based locations that are cleaner more conducive, safer in the eyes of many living on the streets.

Listen to the full WNYC Radio interview with Mayor de Blasio that includes his discussion about Catholic Charities midway through the show.

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