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Sharing Faces and Voices of Those We Serve

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The numbers are phenomenal. During Catholic Charities New York's 100 years of service, over a quarter of a million people are served every year. All told, we provide help and hope to tens of millions of non Catholics and Catholics alike from all across the Archdiocese of New York.  In this new five-part series, we map out Catholic Charities in your neighborhood, sharing faces and voices of a few of those from Staten Island to Sullivan County whom we have been privileged to serve. 

When Jossue was only 10 years old, his father died of complications caused by cirrhosis of the liver. This little boy from Hunts Point in the Bronx stepped in as man of the house, comforting his mother and helping raise his three younger brothers.

His mom, Aurelia, 42, now had only her meager income cleaning houses to support the family. They fell far behind on their rent and faced eviction. The strain was so great that little Jossue suffered severe psychiatric problems. “I missed my dad a lot and started seeing things,” he says. “I was hearing things, people calling my name but people weren’t actually there.”

The voices stopped three months ago, thanks to intense intervention from staff at Catholic Charities affiliate St. Ignatius School , as well as deep love from his mother and three little brothers. At St. Ignatius, Jossue, now 12, receives education, counseling and after-school care. Because he is in financial need, all of his expenses are covered.

Meanwhile, Catholic Charities eviction prevention services got the family’s rental arrears paid off and negotiated a Family Eviction Prevention Subsidy to make their rent much more affordable.

All children deserve the opportunity to develop social skills, gain confidence and develop lasting values that will serve them as adults. Catholic Charities' network of services aims to address the physical, emotional and psychological needs of children and their families.

These days, Jossue tutors his mom in English and for her upcoming GED exam. “We’re a strong family,” he says. “And even though my dad’s not here, we keep going on.”

These aren’t just stories. These are the lives of our neighbors made better by Catholic Charities.

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