Looking for Short-Term Professional Counseling in New York?

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Check Out Catholic Charities Parish Counseling Network

Struggling with marital issues, parenting, elder care, job loss or bereavement?  Please take advantage of Catholic Charities affordable – yes; practically free – Parish Counseling Network. 

Life doesn’t have to be so hard 

Our Parish Counseling Network provides parishioners with short-term professional counseling at convenient locations throughout the Archdiocese of New York.

So chin up – and check out the details:

It’s easy to participate.  Referrals can be made by:

  1.  Pastors
  2. Designated Parish Staff

And it’s so affordable 

  1.  Parishioners are eligible for up to 6 counseling sessions
  2. Fee per session is just a $10 copay.
  3. If additional counseling is needed, parishioners will be referred to counseling practioners or treatments centers outside the Network.

Families confronted by a crisis often feel helpless. Catholic Charities provides accurate information, counseling and referrals.

We’ve got you covered

  1. If short term counseling is not appropriate due to severe or persistent mental illness or other causes, referrals will be made for more appropriate treatments – including therapists, hospitals and clinics –  outside the Network
  2. The Network helps pastors secure the most effective and appropriate care for parishioners
  3. Many practitioners are bilingual in Spanish and English
  4. Folks seeking other services can be referred to one of Catholic Charities regional locations for emergency food, housing, immigration services, addiction services and more.

Interested?  Speak with your pastor for more information

He or a designated staff person can make referrals for affordable professional counseling simply by calling 866-962-7487. 




Catholic Charities is responding to the needs of our neighbors during the 
COVID-19 pandemic.

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