Latest Update on Puerto Rico Hurricane Recovery

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From Caritas Puerto Rico

Every day Catholic Charities NY staff continue to text and call, and text and call again, not giving up despite downed telecommunication systems until we reach our sister services in Puerto Rico for regular recovery updates on how we can help .  Fortunately, we have well-established relationships with Caritas Puerto Rico (Catholic Charities Puerto Rico) as well as with our New York Foundling affiliate that serves nearly 1,500 children at 42 sites throughout the island.  

 “I have spoken with them and heard the sadness, hurt and concern for “our families” and also the immediate response and action they are taking,” says Catholic Charities Executive Director Msgr. Kevin Sullivan.

Photos shared with us today by Caritas Puerto Rico Executive Director Father Enrique Camacho, depict not only devastation but also resilience and determination to recover.  Three weeks after Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico islanders still have almost no electric power, telecommunications or clean water.

  • Only 16% of Puerto Rico has power
  • 63% have “potable” water yet Puerto Rican EPA Director Carmen Guerrero urges everyone to boil all water used for drinking, brushing teeth, cooking and washing dinner
  • 75% of cell service is down

The need to serve and reach out to those dealing with the aftermath of these disasters is critical. Catholic Charities is taking a leadership role providing disaster recovery and relief. Catholic Charities of New York is serving as a conduit for donations for Puerto Rico Relief and Recovery efforts.

Help us help Puerto Rico 

Catholic Charities of New York is serving as a conduit for donations for Puerto Rico Relief and Recovery efforts.

Donate by Mail: Make checks payable to “Catholic Charities/Estoy Con Puerto Rico” and address to:

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