James Walsh, Once Helped by Catholic Charities, Finds Hope by Giving Back

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Runs TCS NYC Marathon for His Mom & All Who Catholic Charities Serves

Just four months to go until the Big Day – the 2017 TCS NYC Marathon!

What inspires someone to take on this grueling 26-mile run? 

Each of our 10 Team Catholic Charities NY Marathon runners have a different answer.

Today, let’s hear from James Walsh.  Catholic Charities helped him when he was a child.  He now finds hope by giving back.

By James Walsh

Why am I running with Team Catholic Charities?  Two words:  my mom. Growing up in Brooklyn, my mom was a single parent raising four kids and times were tough.  She worked as much as she could as well as us but at the end of the day it sometimes wasn't enough.

My mom had to sometimes lean on organizations like Catholic Charities and St. Vincent DePaul to get by and she did. Moreover, through the rest of her life she gave back to them once her position in life got better.

My mom died suddenly in October 2015. I think it’s fitting to run the streets which she walked up and down for 73 years of her life while, in parallel, it is fitting to be running for the great organization that was there for us.

Now I am married to my beautiful wife for 17 years and have two daughters (16 and 6) named Giavanna and Peyton. I am currently a Senior Director at CenturyLink, the 3rd largest telecommunications company in the United States.

The good part about this is your family becomes your pit team.  They have to adjust and it brings you closer together.

As to whether I ever ran a marathon before, the answer is nope! Just a bunch of 5ks but this is on my bucket list and I look forward to finishing.  

Training for a marathon is like a second job and you have to have discipline. I’m training by first focusing on dropping some weight to get to marathon form.  I’m having a very clean diet filled with super foods, proteins and no alcohol. I have been stair stepping each day, running a little more than the night before while constantly working on form. In addition, I’m trying to add some core exercises and a lot of stretching.   

I love running. I have become more dedicated over the past 3 years. This helps me disengage from the rest of the world and re-calibrate when stress levels are high. I travel 40 weeks out of the year so it’s great to just be able to put on my sneakers and see great landscapes across the United States.

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