Household Incomes Are Growing

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Tell That to a Hungry New Yorker

A Catholic Charities staff member assists a client at the Washington Heights Ecumenical Food Pantry 

Household income grew 5.2 percent last year but hunger in New York barely budged.

Just released Census Bureau stats reveal that income gains came largely from job growth – including people at the lower end of the economy working double shifts– rather than wage growth, AKA real salary raises. 

That means the poorest, as always, continue to be hit the hardest

In the U.S. 3.5 million men, women, children and the elderly remain trapped by poverty.  And here in New York City 1.4 million people depend on food pantries and soup kitchens to survive. That’s one out of every five New Yorkers, including the elderly, working families, veterans and, worst of all, children.

Catholic Charities and its partners provide more than 6.5 million meals to hungry New Yorkers each year.  

We support a vast network of soup kitchens in New York and food pantries in New York.  And we connect hungry people to the extra support they need so they will not go hungry again.

Innovative 1,050 square-foot food distribution center

Our new Bronx Food Hub located at the South Bronx Community Center at 402 East. 152 Street, takes hunger head on, multiplying food-option availability while empowering those served. 

With capacity to receive, sort and distribute 100,000 pounds of food each month (that’s 80,000 meals), it makes “just-in-time” deliveries to nearly two dozen secular and religious partner programs of all faiths in the Bronx and Upper Manhattan.

This allows these smaller food programs with limited refrigeration/storage to maximize grocery options while avoiding spoilage.  

Meanwhile, its onsite Client Choice Food Pantry provides enhanced healthy food options during expanded daytime and evening hours to serve growing numbers of working poor. 

Empowering the Hungry with Jobs and Support

The hub also serves as a central warehouse that recruits volunteers while providing social services designed to promote independence. 

Partnering to Prevent Poverty

We also partner with fellow organizations to make sure no one goes hungry:  

  • Food Bank for New York City
  • Food banks in the Hudson Valley 
  • New York City Coalition Against Hunger

Find emergency meals and fight hunger in New York.


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