Homelessness Down – But Not Far Enough

Posted on May 5, 2016 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

Catholic Charities Fights Homelessness Head On

Homelessness in NYC is down, according to a recent study, and Catholic Charities is teaming up to bring the number of people struggling without homes down further still.

A recently released annual survey found a 12-percent drop in the number of people living without shelter in New York City compared with 2015. The count estimated that 2,794 people were living without shelter, a significant drop from a year earlier when the survey’s estimate was 4,395, according to the survey released by Mayor De Blasio’s office.

Still, no one should have to live on the street.  That’s why Catholic Charities helps the homeless find shelter. We support a vast network of emergency shelters, temporary and transitional housing and permanent affordable housing.

During the past year, Catholic Charities helped

  • 6,498 families from becoming homeless 
  • 1,267 individuals to be housed in temporary and transitional apartments 
  • 8,234 individuals with emergency overnight shelter 
  • 7,100 families in affordable housing

Are you or is someone you know facing the possibility of homelessness?

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