Health Food Fair for the Hungry

Posted on May 7, 2018 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

Chef Bianca, TIAA & Catholic Charities Team Up

Pulling out her vegetable spiralizer  and pushing up her sleeves, Chef Bianca Anderson transformed, for an afternoon, part of a Catholic Charities community center in Harlem into a personalized free health food fair for 30 of the hungry, poor folks we regularly serve.

Why a health food  fair for the hungry? 

Far too many New York City residents - 1.4 million people, to be precise -- depend on food pantries and soup kitchens in New York to survive. That’s one out of every five New Yorkers, older women,  working families, veterans and, worst of all, children.

Catholic Charities is making a difference.  We partner with programs to provide more than 6.5 million free meals to hungry New Yorkers each year.

But we’re not satisfied just providing a meal.  We connect hungry people to the extra support they need, like this health food fair, so they will not go hungry again.

Why our Harlem community center? 

Catholic Charities supports a vast network of soup kitchens food pantries including the Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Center where the health fair took place.  

And, perhaps most important, why a vegetable spiralizer? We gave this nifty gadget - along with a sack of fresh vegetables - to each of the event participants.  It transforms zucchini, potatoes - in fact, nearly all our favorite veggies - into noodles that turn our  favorite pasta dishes into healthy delights.

But it is important to remember, says Catholic Charities Director of Volunteer Services Amaris White who brought in volunteers and arranged for event sponsorship by TIAA that “they’re doing more than watching a demonstration on how to use a vegetable spiralizer.  They’re being provided with the tools and know-how to make a healthy meal they can share with their friends and family.”

For free food and meals for hungry New Yorkers check out Catholic Charities food pantries and soup kitchens

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