Feed Hungry New Yorkers at ShopRite’s Checkout

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But Time Is Running Out

For this week only, thanks to ShopRite Supermarket’s special partnership with Catholic Charities NY, we have the easiest, best and most effective way to help feed our hungry neighbors. 

How easy?  This easy…At checkout you can either

  • Donate funds
  • Donate non-perishable foods

Donations will be used to help replenish food pantries throughout New York City and the Hudson Valley.

“It speaks to the need that more people are hungry and need food, not just those who are homeless and in shelters but a lot more of working class and retirees” says Rev. Brady Funn who, as director of Catholic Charities Feeding Our Neighbors program, mans the frontlines feeding hungry New Yorkers.

A donated dollar here, a donated can of food there may seem small.  But together, thanks last year to shoppers at ShopRite’s 27 participating stores, This Feeding Our Neighbors campaign collected $96,500 in cash donations and food donations equaling 421,000 meals.

Find a participating ShopRite supermarket near you

Please remember- Time is running out.

Making donations to feed the hungry at ShopRite checkout is easy now but ends this Saturday, February 2, 2019.

“One thing I say to folks,” says Rev. Funn, “is at one time or another everybody needs help.”

Donate to feed our hungry New York neighbors

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Catholic Charities is responding to the needs of our neighbors during the 
COVID-19 pandemic.

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