Family Runs NYC Marathon with Team Catholic Charities

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For Jason Huber, running the NYC Marathon for Team Catholic Charities is a family affair.  He's running with his mother, Lisa Huber, and brother, Jeff Huber.

 Today let's find out what inspires Jason to run.  And stay tuned to our Charity in Action blog during the next few weeks. We'll find out what keeps his mother and brother running as well.

By Jason Huber

The 2015 New York Marathon will be my second marathon after I completed the Pittsburgh Marathon in May 2015.  I spend my summer evenings (and some mornings) scaling the hills of Pittsburgh in hopes that running the relatively flat streets of New York will feel easy by comparison.  I swam competitively most of my life, including on the varsity team for four years at Carnegie Mellon University, and the urge to train and compete never quite disappeared.

After taking a few years off from competition after college I started to run seriously to feed that desire.  While I’m excited to run on race day in November, I decided to run the New York Marathon largely because I enjoy the process of working hard day after day in pursuit of a goal.

I am an active member of Shadyside Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh and volunteer as an advisor with the Tartan Athlete Fellowship at Carnegie Mellon.  I am running the New York Marathon for Catholic Charities because it is an opportunity to support another organization that pursues the mission that I espouse through my personal faith.  Regardless of denomination, we are the body of Christ.

Cheer on Jason.


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