Does Three Half Marathons Equal One NYC Marathon?

Posted on August 14, 2017 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

Team Catholic Charities NY's Margaret Souther Will Soon Find Out

Our Team Catholic Charities NY marathon runners train for months.  They rise when the rest of us are sound asleep.  And they jog through snow, sun and sweat.

Now, with just over three months to go until the Big Day – the 2017 TCS NYC Marathon – let’s find out what inspires someone to take on this grueling 26-mile run. 

Each of our 10 Team Catholic Charities NY Marathon runners has a different answer.

Today, let’s here from Margaret Souther

(Margaret Souther (L) celebrates recent run with her sister (above R)

By Margaret Souther

I am so inspired watching the NYC Marathon.  This time, I'm hoping to inspire others as a runner.

So far I have ran three half marathons in the City, but I'm ready to take things to the next level! I am very excited to be running my first full marathon this fall with Catholic Charities.

After growing up playing many different sports and eventually playing field hockey and lacrosse at Middlebury College, I have now taken up running as my way to stay active and explore different parts of New York City.

I chose to run with Catholic Charities because it serves our fellow New Yorkers, regardless of background or religion. Leveraging the strength of the Catholic Church to help such a diverse set of people truly resonated with me. 

While there are so many great causes around the world that deserve attention, I find we sometimes look past many problems right in front of us. I'm thrilled to be able to raise money that will go towards providing food, education and resources for people in need in the city I love, something that will both drive me as I train and ultimately push me through those 26.2 miles this November.

Very excited for the journey ahead...heeeeere we go!

Cheer on and support Margaret Souther’s run for Team Catholic Charities NY!

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