Cutting-Edge Study Helps Children at Risk for Psychosis

Posted on August 25, 2016 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

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A cutting edge two-year study on strategies to help children at risk for psychosis was released by Astor Services For Children and Families, a member of Catholic Charities affiliated agencies that provide free mental health services in New York for those in need.

The results, released in the book "Early Identification and Palliative Care for Psychotic Disorders in Children and Youth” presents findings on how to help youth with mental health needs.

They include:

  • Ways to develop and study early screening
  • Intervention
  • Strategies to assist youth at risk for psychosis

“Psychosis is a difficult and debilitating condition of the mind,” says lead researcher Suzanne Button. 

The study and book, she adds, can identify at-risk youth who may be vulnerable to developing psychosis. Interventions can then be used to treat the conditions. From there, children can learn coping skills and strategies to help them build resilience for their healthy development.

Those challenged by mental illness, the developmentally disabled child, and the emotionally challenged adult need the intensive care and support provided by Catholic Charities to live with dignity and in safety. Through a network of specialized services, Catholic Charities cares compassionately for the most vulnerable New Yorkers – non-Catholics and Catholics alike. 

Astor Services, a Rhineback-based nonprofit, provides behavioral and educational services for families and their children.

Located in the Hudson Valley and the Bronx, Astor Services forms part of the team of free mental health services Catholic Charities provides those in need in New York.

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