Catholic Charities Takes on Three Issues Hitting New Yorkers Hardest

Posted on February 11, 2016 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

George Horton, Catholic Charities NY Director of
Social and Community Development 


Catholic Charities agencies from across New York State kicked off their annual advocacy meeting in Albany with state legislators on Monday, February 8, by honoring one of our own, George Horton, Director of Social and Community Development.  

Mr. Horton, already known throughout this community for his successful social justice advocacy, received the Vincenza DeFazio Award for his outstanding contribution to the work of the New York State Council of Catholic Charities Directors.  

“I was honored to have been part of their work bringing the values of Catholic Social teaching to New York State public policy advocacy for people who are poor and vulnerable,” Mr. Horton said.

That advocacy continued full force the following day as Catholic Charities directors, along with representatives from Catholic Charities agencies from across the state – including Cardinal McCloskey Community Services and Good Shepherd Services – fanned out to meet individually and en masse with key legislators and members of the Cuomo Administration on behalf of those in need.

“Each day, in every county of New York State, Catholic Charities works firsthand with the individuals and families that are impacted by program and policy decisions made in the State’s Capital,” said Catholic Charities NY Executive Director Msgr. Kevin Sullivan.

As a result, Msgr. Sullivan and fellow Catholic Charities directors see firsthand the issues that confront New Yorkers in need.  So they focused their meetings on three issues hitting New Yorkers hardest:  

  1.  Subsidized childcare
  2.  Supportive housing
  3.  Fair wages  

Lack of childcare options close impoverished families out of the work force.  Supportive housing lowers homelessness, improves neighborhoods and saves tax dollars.  And fair wages enable workers to lift themselves out of poverty.

“Catholic Charities' responsibility is to represent the most vulnerable and educate public officials,” Msgr. Sullivan added, “so that they will make their decisions keeping their needs paramount."

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