Catholic Charities Faces Off Against Judicial Order Live On ABC7

Posted on March 4, 2015 by Alice Kenny  |  Share



Join Mario Russell from Catholic Charities and Senator Adriano Espaillat on ABC7 as they take on the controversial judicial order that just blocked immigration reform. 

“I think (the judge) is hiding the ball,” Mr. Russell, Catholic Charities Director of Immigration and Refugee Services tells ABC7 host Joe Torres on the Sunday talk show. “The President isn’t doing anything new that hasn’t been done before.  Deferred action is given all the time.  Employment is just a side benefit.” 

So what should the 338,000 potentially eligible people in New York do in the mean time? “This is a momentary block… that the courts will work out over time,” 

Mr. Russell says. “What’s key and this is what we do at Catholic Charities is we work to keep people informed. We give presentations.  We go to community meetings. We’ve met with over a thousand people…sending the same messages- “Don’t be afraid.  Stay informed.  Continue working on developing the evidence of your case, whether its evidence of residency, of your identity, anything else.” 

Watch and learn as Mr. Russell and Senator Espaillat take this controversy head on.    

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